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Shipping & Returns


As soon as you place your order we try to ship it immediately so that it reaches to you on time. We have a proper logistic supply that is fast and efficient. We prioritize our customer and serve them in the best way possible. the data collected by them is safe with us. We try to reach every part of India by this and even try to reach more of where we can serve. 

1. Our shipments are properly sanitized and as we maintain proper hygiene we deliver safely.

2. We have proper logistic services that provide a systematic delivery to our customer.

The Service Provider will use the customer information as shared by the merchant. The delivery status of the product and obtain feedback from the customer regarding the said service to improve customer experience with the service provider. The said information will be used for the purpose of updating the customer with the delivery status of the product and improving our service for the customer.

Return & Exchange Policy


If you are not satisfied with the product then we have an easy policy of return. You may follow the simple steps and policy to return the product. We have a return policy of 10 days from the date of delivery of the product. We will accept our product back if you return it within 10 Days. After completion of 10 Days, we will not accept the product back. So if you have any query then contact us within 10 days of the delivery of the product.

Return for:


1. If you find a damaged product then simply go to contact us and mail us with the required pictures of the damaged item. We will reach to you ASAP and try to solve your issue.

2. If it fulfils the return criteria (If the product is found damaged through shipment process or any other means that involves pre-shipment reason) then you will get a refund of total excluding the shipment cost.


1. In case if you are not satisfied with the product then go to the contact us page and mail us with the details as mentioned.

2. PLease mention the required and valid points why would you like to return the product. We will get to that point and try to resolve your query ASAP.

3. If it contains the valid reason then we will refund you money excluding the shipment charges.


1. If you have any other reason other then the above two then we would like you to mention that on the contact us form or through the mail. 

2. Our team is active to such things and we will definitely reach you ASAP and try to solve your issue.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Have a great day.

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