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High-quality bamboo and clay are sourced from different part of India. Then it is processed into the required shape and size. It is handpicked for its shape and best quality.

Crafted and designed

With some tradition and geometrical design form, have made these decorative and vulnerable design forms. We also used high-quality paints to craft these beautiful sets of material.

Finishing with love

After completion of all the process, we chose the best of all and reject the one with any defect.  We always pursue to provide the best quality product to our customers in premium-quality packaging.   

Use of natural resources

KOI D KIT aims at flying high and reaching its goal by keeping it's strings to the ground. The originality we possess and our curiosity to learn every day from nature keep us connected to our roots and help us in growing every day. With our skills combined with creative ideas helps us in standing out among the crowd. This is also our small initiative to support ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ Project and contribute to our country's progress.


We make sustainable gift items and work on materials like terracotta and bamboo variants. Our range of products has scented bamboo candles that include natural aroma in it. We also work on terracotta products. terracotta is the trend and culture of India and thus includes various products. Specializing in terracotta jewellery, terracotta coaster, terracotta pot material, wall hangings and much more. When it comes to our customers we believe in fulfilling our customers' needs by keeping in mind about our environment and mother earth. We acknowledge our customer’s priority and try to provide them with the best we can. We constantly try to maintain the sustainability of our products with standard design at lower prices.   


Keeping all these in mind we bring for you and your beloved ones a range of beautiful handcrafted products which will make your occasions more special. The items we make are sustainable and adequate for gift items (gifting purpose). This is our e-commerce platform where we provide world-class service to our customers where you can buy gift online. These quality products will add a charm to your every event and will bring you closer to us. Next time when you shop with us we will tell you what you need before you realize it yourself.


All these things together make us different and irreplaceable and help us to reach the rungs of success with passing days.

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Stay grounded

Be unique!

And keep growing

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